• Dear Mr. Napolitano & To whom it may concern,
    I would like to commend to you my realtor, Gunmaria Swanson, share with you my recent experiences with her in buying my house, and recount what a pleasure it was working with her.

    As a Hospitality Consultant I frequently tell my clients they should seek three important qualities in a service provider: Competence, approachability and judgment. All three of these qualities excelled in Gunmaria.

    Her competence was outstanding. I found Gunmaria consistently knowledgeable in all aspects of readying the house for market and negotiating a price.

    She has greatly assisted me in pricing the houses I am buying ( Via Ronaldo _ Via Magdalena), and provided multiple suggestions to maximize the probability of buying the property at a reasonable price.

    Gunmaria approachability was outstanding. She was always friendly, smart and immediately available whenever a question arose. I received frequent updates on the progress of the viewings.

    Both my wife Sahar and I were impressed, from our first meeting, with Gunmaria's attitude as well as her professionalism. She kept us well informed through every step of the process and when things did not go our way several times she was our rock, always there to pick us up and encourage us that everything would work out in the end... even during the 90 days challenges and incompetency of "ICON" the first lender of Via Magdalena!

    As it turns out Gunmaria was correct about our real estate investments/choices. Not only got us the right house each time but she negotiated the best market price too.

    As you can hopefully surmise, Gunmaria is an incredible asset to your company. Not only does she represent the best in a real estate agent, but she has redefined a new standard by which all agents should strive to achieve. We have never encountered any professional, in any industry, that showed such professionalism, impossibly high work ethic, and the ability to meet our every need. Gunmaria was an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Finally, I believe an important quality in both of our purchases transaction, was Gunmaria's judgment. Throughout the process of negotiation, I frequently found myself asking Gunmaria "What would you suggest?" Her recommendations were consistently accurate.

    In summary, then, I cannot commend Gunmaria highly enough to you. She is a competent, hard-working, knowledgeable, pleasant and available agent, and I am convinced her judgment, competence and consistent hard work were critical factors in the success of buying both of our properties.

    It is not possible to express the words to adequately convey our feelings, or give a high enough recommendation of Gunmaria to anyone.

    Please feel free to share the content of this letter as you see fit, and we would be more than happy to provide additional reference for Gunmaria in any capacity. Thank you for your time, and please express our gratitude to Gunmaria for an amazing job!

    Dr Sam Saker
    Name: Dr Sam Saker

  • This is a letter of recommendation for Gun Maria Swanson. Gun is an outstanding person and an outstanding real estate agent. We highly recommend using her for any of your real estate needs.

    Gun not only sold our town home in the Cabrini Villas but she also found us a beautiful home in the hills of Burbank that we absolutely love.

    Before we even had listed our town home she put us in contact with Larry Butler who got us pre-approved and also helped us in really understanding the loan side fo buying a home from the very start.

    The real estate market is quite challening these days in all regards, but Gun has the experience and knowledge to deal with anything that may arise in the entire selling/buying process.

    Once again we recommend without hesitation Gun Maria Swanson for any real estate needs.

    Joseph and Sharon Cuseo
    Name: Joseph and Sharon Cuseo

  • January 15, 2015

    It is with great pleasure we write this letter of recommendation for the services of Gun Maria Swanson, Realtor.

    Gun Maria not only guided us swiftly through the necessary papers we signed to sell our property at Cabrini Villas, she expertly explained the purpose of each one.

    She had many potential buyers and began having an open house the very next day after we signed with her. Being owners living in another state, she was diligent about keeping us informed via emails on every and any new developments with the property.

    While we were away, we had an unfortunate event that occurred with the leakage of a water pipe. This had devastating effects on two floors of the house. Gun Maria took it upon herself to handle that entire process of finding contractors to repair ceilings and restore carpet pads. She oversaw all of the repairs as if it was her very own home. When we arrived back in town, we were hard pressed to find any sign of the damage the leak had caused.

    Additionally, Gun Maria was able to secure buyers for some of the personal items that we were interested in selling (automobile, piano, and grandfather clock). This saved us many hours of dealing with their disposabl before moving/packing all of the other personal items in the townhouse.

    What's more, she brought a "cash" buyer in less than 30 days of our listing. She stayed in constant contact with us through the end, making sure she could hep us with any needs, and hugged us goodbye as we turned over the keys for the final time.

    To say Gun Maria goes above and beyond for her sellers is not an adequate description of the service she provides. We highly and without any reservation whatsoever recommend her for any real estate needs and do so with much gratitude and respect for her expertise in her field. We are forever in her debt.

    Larry Pilarchik & Susan Loving
    Name: Larry Pilarchik & Susan Loving

  • February 16,2010

    We would like to express our appreciation to Gun Maria Swanson, Dilbeck Realty, for selling our townhouse in Burbank, CA.

    Gun Maria has been selling homes in Cabrini Villas for more than thirty years and we recommend that those in Cabrini wishing to sell, first contact Gun Maria. She knows everything about each and every unit there and has much information to share.

    There is no one who is more compassionate than Gun Maria and who expresses such care and concern for her clients.

    Thanks to Gun for helping us sell our townhouse.

    Rich and Ann Marie Kurrasch
    Name: Richard and Ann Marie Kurrasch

  • I would like to write a letter of recommendation for Gun Maria Swanson. I recently bought a home in Burbank with Gun Maria as my buying agent. I am very happy with the service I received. Her persistence with the seller was vital for the sale. When I saw the property, my buying price was well below the seller's listing price. Gun Maria was able to negotiate a very good deal for me. Any other agent would have let the deal fall through.

    I was also impressed with her professionalism and experience. She was able to answer many of my questions about the Burbank area. She went out of her way to accommodate my issues or inquires. She was always on top of my paperwork and gave me frequent updates. She made the buying process much easier and less stressful. I believe that Gun Maria Swanson is a very valuable asset to Coldwell Banker.

    Rich Chen
    Name: Richard Chen

  • July 27, 2004

    It is with great pleasure I write this testimonial about Gun Maria Swanson. I have been in residential real estate sales management for more than twenty-five years with Coldwell Banker and have hired and worked with hundreds of real estate agents during this career.

    Recently, for the past two and one-half years I was fortunate to work with Gun Maria Swanson in Coldwell Banker's Burbank office. Gun Maria is an extraordinary real estate professional with a great reputation for honesty, hard work and excellent, innovative marketing techniques. Gun Maria is a veteran agent who has excelled in all real estate market cycles and has scores of awards as vivid testimonials of this fact.

    Not only is Gun Maria Swanson very well liked among her real estate colleagues, but I have also received numerous commendation letters about her from satisfied clients. Indeed, Gun Maria Swanson is an extraordinary real estate professional who personifies all the best qualities of Coldwell Banker.

    Denis Bolen
    Name: Denis Bolen, Manager Dilbeck Realtors, Coldwell Banker Manager 24 years.

  • August 10, 2005

    I am writing this letter to inform you of the wonderful experience we had with Gun Swanson selling our Burbank property. Recently, my husband Don and I found ourselves in a bit of a quandary. We had a month to sell our Via Cabrini condominium located at 9438 Via Patricia. If not, we would be left holding 2 properties and 2 mortgage payments.
    In speaking with my friend, a former Burbank real estate agent, she recommended Gun Swanson. She said that Gun had taught her all she knew about honesty and integrity in business. She felt Gun was the #1 agent in Burbank.
    Needless to say, I called Gun immediately with very high hopes. Probably unrealistically high hopes. But Gun came through! She came to our condo the same day. She not only listened to our needs, she heard them. She had a pre-approved buyer for us the next day with an offer $10,000 more than we were going to originally sell the condo for. Gun was also able to give us a 3 week escrow. Our condo closed and we never had to make the 2 mortgage payments. Not to mention it was the smoothest escrow I have ever encountered. Gun communicated with us constantly. I felt a part of the process from beginning to end.
    Gun is a SUPER AGENT!!! She was professional from Day 1. Her old school values were a breath of fresh air. Her honesty and integrity shown through in every situation. I remember one situation in particular. We received the Home Inspection Report that I had done prior to meeting Gun. We almost fainted. It was 80+ pages long. It included items that Gun had never seen in a Home Inspection Report. It surely would scare any buyer away. Gun approached the buyer with complete honesty and disclosed everything. She handled the situation with such professionalism and confidence that the sale went through without a glitch.
    Gun and I hit it off immediately, I felt comfortable and at ease as if we had been friends for a lifetime. I know that she will not only be my real estate agent for life but my friend as well. Gun is hard working and diligently strives to satisfy her customer. This customer could not be more satisfied. She not only met my unrealistic expectations, she far exceeded them!
    My hope is that Coldwell Banker realizes what an valuable asset Gun Swanson it to their organization and appreciates her accordingly. I thank you for your time.

    Lorianne DeSimone
    Name: Lorianne DeSimone
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